Projects – Dreadnought

Dreadnought (2016 – 2018)
YAGER Development GmbH, Published by Sixfoot
Open Beta on PC & PS4 in 2017

From July 2016 until January 2018 I worked on Dreadnought as an Associate Producer.

Dreadnought is a Free-to-Play Team Based PvP Shooter, released Playstation 4 and PC.

As an Associate Producer on Dreadnought, I worked with the Art and Content teams of the project.

I have been primarily involved and coordinated both the production of new Maps, as well as the Customization content production.

Within those, my responsibilities include amongst others:

  • Supporting the teams from concept phase to release of new content
  • Coordinating requests for new content with both the publisher and internal teams
  • Maintaining communication with the publisher
  • Organizing the day-to-day work of the Content teams
  • Continuously improving workflows, as well as internal and external communication
  • Coordinating the content for different releases
  • Keeping the team motivated and focused on the priorities set by Project Leadership

During this project, I had the pleasure to work on 4 different Multiplayer Maps (my favorite being this one, in case you were wondering ), and a ton of Vanity content.

In Dreadnought, Players are able to purchase new Ships, which, besides looking gorgeous, also give passive in-game benefits.
From my end, this meant making sure we had a solid concept phase where several disciplines aligned,  and then prepare a concept for outsourcing.
The endeavor takes some time and required rigid coordination, as well as a steady communication with our publisher, all while keeping the goal prominent to produce awesome content that Players will love.

You can check out the game on PS4 (just look for Dreadnought) or download it for PC here: