Projects - DUNE: Awakening

DUNE: Awakening (2021 – Current)
NUKKLEAR GmbH, Co-development with FUNCOM

Rise from survival to dominance in a vast and seamless Arrakis shared by thousands of players. Dune: Awakening combines the grit and creativity of survival games with the social interactivity of large, persistent multiplayer games to create a unique and ambitious Open World Survival MMO. 

As a Producer at NUKKLEAR, I am currently leading the co-development effort on Vehicles in DUNE: Awakening. 

This is the most ambitious project I have been involved in so far, and I cannot wait until more is revealed! As most of the info on the project is currently under NDA, this is all I can write for now! 

Stay tuned, and Wishlist the game, or check out the trailer below: