Projects – Other

A selection of non-commercial / Jam games I worked on just for fun.


Game Makers Toolkit Jam 2021

Walkies is a pretty silly, and quite broken little game that we made just with a few friends who were up for the latest GMTK jam. It has a special place in my heart for being silly.  Live a true dogs life as you go for a walk with your Hooman. 

It has a special place in my heart for the time we had making it, and challenging myself by doing most of the scripting. Its janky, but its my janky. 

Feel free to try it here


Nordic Game Jam 2019

1-1 re-imagines the first level of Mario in ten different genres. 

We initially struggled really hard to come up with an idea we would all find entertaining to work on, going in circles for a day or so, until we figured out this concept. From there on, it was all about finding ways to get the idea across & execute some jokes within a few seconds – think WarioWare. We were incredibly happy with the game at the end, and were even more delighted that the game got selected as a 3rd place winner in the competition of Nordic Game Jam. We even went a tiny bit viral when Kotaku made a post about us (though most people didnt seem to get that they were looking at a game and not a sketch, but we had a lot of fun with the negative comments regardless).  

You can check out the game here or check out the video of the playthrough next to this text!

Game Makers Toolkit Jam 2019 is an online multiplayer Where-is-Waldo… Royale!

Except its not quite that – we made this one for the Game Makers Toolkit Jam in 2019, which had the theme of „Only One“.


We started out like many other teams, wanting to focus on interaction, where you would only have one input. We thought it would be pretty funny if we had a game where all you did was wait in line for interesting things, in a series of escalating events, however, a day in we realized that waiting in line is, in fact, quite boring. We had already produced a bunch of weirdly shaped humans and stupid hats, and were discussing how to pivot from the pool of assets to something presentable, when we came up with the idea of making the whole experience a multiplayer Where-is-Waldo – after all, there is only one Waldo in those, and we could easily use the assets to generate a massive pool of characters. Also those .io games seem popular. However, as we were building it, we realized that multiplayer is also very hard – so we just build a bunch of screens that made the impression of being multiplayer, without the game actually being multiplayer. Coming up with the array of 100 usernames was a great time. To me this hits the theme even better, whats more suitable to „Only One“ than a multiplayer game where you are the only one who is playing it? In hindsight, the main failure of this game is that it is too convincing – unless you tell people, they will not get the joke. Oh well, we are proud of it!

You can play the game here or check out the video of someone playing it on the right. 

Food Cop, Bad Cop

Shenanijam 2018

One day I will make this into a real game, you read it here first!

This was made for the Shenanijam 2018 – the themes were:

  1. Void sandwich
  2. Sticky Justice
  3. Burn It Down

Not exactly the most straightforward themes, unless you end up making something entirely random. Me and my friend joined the Jam to have a weekend of releasing our creative energies with no consequences, and came up with what is effectively a short adventure game – about a cop who can talk to food and uses that power to solve crimes!

He gets called to solve the case of the missing sandwich in the company fridge – no witnesses, except those who were at the scene of the crime. Looks like he is skipping lunch today…

I honestly love this game, it was super fun to write the characters, find a creative way to combine the sticky justice and void sandwich themes and work on a small game again – this had been one of many jams for me, but in a way my first project I was genuinely happy with (and I still think the IP has potential) 

If you want to find the sandwich thief yourself, click here – or check out the gameplay video!